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CNC Turning and milling

CNC machining services

CNC machining was one of the first steps towards company growth. First machines we introduced were from the second hand market. They were from 80ties. Main market was in construction sector initially. Our parts were directly related to safety the quality demands were very strict. After few years we saw that machine we have were the right ones for our needs. Thus we decide to stick for this brand when time comes to upgrade old machine park.

That is why today we have majority brand in our house DOOSAN both in CNC turning and milling sectors. Firstly Doosan machine tools provide a professional technical support service by. They respond quickly and efficiently to our demands and inquiries. Secondly they supply spare parts, product training, field service and technical support, Doosan can provide top class support to our us. Thirdly all our machines have local software FANUC. In addition to FANUC as support for programming and simulations we have introduced SolidCam software. On the top of it local technical assistance comes on daily basis. Finally this set of software tools allows us to provide even better services to our customers. Because we are willing to transfer different kind of 3D files to files which machines are able to read directly.


CNC turning 

The turning sector of our CNC machining department was the first in house CNC technology. There is team of 3 operators – experts and 3 workers monitoring the process and changing parts and raw materials.  

Our turning machines park consist of four state of art in Taiwan’s CNC turning machines with various sizes and capabilities. Firstly DOOSAN Series realizes stable and powerful cutting capabilities by adopting the box guideway structure and the highest spindle power. Secondly comparing to the other models, faster repaid traverse and optimal control function ensure the highest productivity.

Usability of DOOSAN Series comes  with user-friendly operation panel, and simple maintenance functions. Box guideways apply to all axes preventing vibration, secure dynamic rigidity, and ensure powerful and precise machining. Finally diverse line-up fully satisfy demands of our customers. DOOSAN Series provide 20 line-ups. Their configuration varies depending on the standard chuck size, the length of machine, and operation of rotating tools.

CNC technical capacity  

DOOSAN Series forms the largest machining area in its class to yield the maximum productivity with the minimum costs. Firstly design of low inertia spindle saves acceleration /deceleration time while improving productivity. As a result it realizes powerful cutting with the motor of highest power in it. High-rigidity tailstock is stably supporting thin and long workpiece. Rotation of the turret controls the servo motor for prompt and correct selection of tools. The servo motor controls rotation of the turret for the purpose of guaranteeing rapid rotation and correct position.

Secondly the milling turret including rotary tools features a BMT type of design for higher rigidity. In addition, the minimization of thermal error due to oil and air lubrication of rotary tools delivers the best performance. Multi-functionality includes end milling, face milling, drilling, tapping, etc. It offers better machining and minimizing work setting.

In conclusion our customer’s satisfaction with the services we provide in our CNC turning sector is high. Choosing the Doosan has been a right decision from the very beginning. Customers stay with us and bringing in new busineses when need comes through. We are in CNC turning business for almost 20 years and most of customers are with us for all of this period. We clearly understand that we have to move towards automation and this will be out strategic goal for coming periods.

Turned detail

CNC Milling

In CNC Machining the organic came to develop CNC milling competence in house as well. We historically continued cooperation with DOOSAN. As a result of it we choose the most successful DNM and DNM ll series. Thus the new version DNM series boasts even greater reliability and performance. In addition, the new series includes grease lubrication to the roller guideways for more environmental-friendliness. The design concepts of the DNM 4500/5700/6700 series are high speed, high rigidity and suitability for universal applications. Standard features are the largest machining space in its class, direct coupled spindle, roller guideways. Finally the thermal error compensation provides optimal precision.

A highly versatile vertical machining center offering the largest machining space. DNM series provides a larger table with sufficient Y axis travel and maximum table load. Our machine tools offer X-axis extension version for DNM 400 II to enhance customer’s machine variation. The direct coupled spindle reduces vibration and noise, thereby improve machine’s performance and environmental-friendliness if we compare to belt drive type. High torque and High speed spindle meet material of workpiece. Higher productivity comes from  reduction of tool change time and improvements of all axes feed system acc/dec times. Thermal error compensation function as standard optimizes machine accuracy. It reduces the effects of heat build-up during extended periods of operation. The EOP function can be checked in the pop-up window on the NC main screen for convenient machine operation. Grease lubrication for axis roller guideways is a standard feature. It reduces contamination of the operator’s environment.

CNC machining

CNC milling technical capabilities and software

As a highly stable, rigid structure, the new DNM series offers a wide line-up from 400 to 670 mm in the Y axis. This enables the user to handle a wider range of workpieces.

Environmentally friendly grease lubrication is standard for all the axis feed system. Roller-type LM Guides provide to enhance the rigidity.

Larger table size and maximum load capacity allow to offer maximum workpiece capacity even in smaller floor space. Direct-coupled type spindles are standard feature to further reduce vibration and noise. As a result it we reach enhancing productivity, work environment and machining accuracy. Finally high torque and High speed spindle meet material of workpiece.

On the top of it tool change time has been optimized to reduce non cutting time. The highly-reliable tool magazine can accommodate up to 30 tools as standard. The DNM series delivers the best cutting performance and productivity in its class.

Fanuc i Plus’ operation panel enhances operating convenience by incorporating common-design buttons and layout. As well as operators enjoy features of the Qwerty keyboard for fast and easy set ups. In conclusion the software provides numerous functions designed for convenient operation.