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Following the growing demand in CNC machining sector we decided to go for the new turning machine investment. The aim was to increase CNC machining capacity by 20%. Hawing long term experience with DOOSAN machines we decided to continue cooperate. Because DOOSAN has reliable technical support locally and our people know machines very well.

After we have analyzed customer demands we decided to order this type – DOOSAN PUMA GT2600M with FANUC CVS. Find technical data here. Optimal diameter range for this machine is between 20 – 250 mm and max possible 410 mm. Max length 610 mm.

CNC process replacing manual operations

Lay out we are planning ahead because after installing new machine face to face with other one next step will be to develop robotized system. We consider cooperation with company which sells not only robots but develops complete technical solutions. This system allows two machines operate autonomously. Idea is on paper yet but I promise to come back with new story when it will be up and running.