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Vending Machine for Outdoor

Following the global tendency of spreading vending services in the open areas we have established new manufacturing process. This is for developing different kind of thermoresistant boxes, enclosures and cabinets. Max dimension we can make is 2,5 x 2,5 x 3,0 M

First we have developed well insulated box with dimension 2500 x 1000 x 1000 mm. The roof of it is transparent and has 4 LED lights integrated for better service in dark times of day. Second it is painted in neutral gray colour so customers could use their sticky advertising labels to customize it. Finally for transport box we wrap into strong plastic foil to protect scratches and damages during delivery process.

Features for easy installation

We produce this solution for outdoor use for coffee vending machines. First we deliver box at your place only you have to do is unload and open the transport package. Second put machine to the right place and level it. Third open doors and you will find ease moving floor like drawer principle. Only it is flat for putting the coffee wending machine direct on it. Finally push floor with coffee machine back in the box and switch on electricity.


Vending Machine for Outdoor

In addition roof is packed and delivered separately. This is because roof takes too much space at transportation process if we install it on the top of box during assembly in our factory. However on the site it takes for screws to fix roof on the box.

Development and Manufacturing of Outdoor Boxes

First to get Coffee Vending Machine solution for Outdoor use (“box” further in text) we need drawing or sample. Amateks team can either make box out of sample or make it based on customer drawings. It goes faster if there are complete set of CAD drawings ready for use. We accept almost any format however for machining analyses we have SolidCam.

Second there are following production steps we need to go through. Starting from supply chain after that laser cutting and bending of walls, floors, roofs and all supporting parts. Next step is welding of sheet metal parts together where it is necessary. Welded and cleaned parts go to powder painting at our partner https://arcocolor.lv/en/ . And finally we do individual assembly of every box. We have skilled stuff for all operations. Visual control we perform during all assembly process and before we do final packing for transportation. As parallel processes we organize specific non standard sourcing from our local suppliers. For example specific LED lights we use in roof we can’t buy direct from shop. Therefore we have established small cooperation with electronic soldering company. They produce and supply LED solution exactly what we need and it is professional in way.

LED solution

In addition for security reasons we can offer mechanical or electronic solution for locking.

electronic solution for locking
electronic solution for locking

Vending machines for Outdoor Next Steps

Even we think we have automated sales point on every corner in the cities there is place to grow. New situation in the market gives us new opportunities. Therefore we are looking for market niche where we would be able to utilize our team know how gained during almost 20 years of expertise of producing various types of metal parts subassemblies and final products. As market is wide we could go to different directions. Starting from consumer goods like soft drinks, coffee, snacks and other on the one hand. One the other hand medical sector is in our focus lately. For example we could be a good partner for making outdoor spots to collect Covid 19 analyses samples. We are willing to produce outdoor boxes which could be useful at low temperatures as well. Al infrastructure is ready for new product introduction in Amateks. Our interest is to supply Baltic states and Scandinavia firstly but we don’t mind to cooperate to rest of EU and other countries.