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Stamping services

Historically stamping came to Amateks with it’s customer needs for this technology close to markets. Stamping shop began with one 25T press and few die blocks for producing electrical contacts for switches and socket outlets for our first customer which is between 100 world’s biggest companies today. It naturally developed in one of core businesses during years. However for small parts we meet tough competition from the Far East because for transportation volumes are small but value good. For bigger size parts there is no sense to carry parts around the globe thus how Amateks come in to the competition. Stamping is good additional capacity to the modern laser cutting technology we have. It goes like this we cut the flat part by laser from the sheet metal material and then we produce Stamping tool for bending the part on traditional excentric presses instead of using CNC bending. Bending by stamp is 3 to 5 times faster than CNC bending. It brings better cost level for our customers. The dilemma for choosing stamping is relatively expensive tool which must be built for this process, for CNC bending normally standard tools could be used. The choice could be justified with the volumes to be produced and the questions customer have to answer – “is it one time deal or it will continue and become a regular production?” “what are the quantities to be produced today and in future?” “how long the product life cycle will be” and so on. All this is not easy to answer and decisions to invest in tooling come very difficult. Amateks team we 20 years of experience could offer relevant support to make those decisions those who need them.


Stamping and tooling capabilities

As stamping is well known and traditional way of producing parts from sheet metal the machinery and methods have not changed for many tenths of years the machine park we have is in solid avarage age. Ten presses are installed in our Stamping department. The power of press is measured in tons (T) and our park consist of machines in range from 25T to 100T. It ilustrates that we are willing to process wide variety of parts from sheet metal. Another quantitative indicator for our capabilities is stroke time, the fastest machine Rockwell makes 2 strokes per sec. With this speed we are willing to produce parts with annual demand in several million pcs.

Regarding tooling our team is able to maintain all the active tools we have and produce 2-3 simple die blocks per month mainly for use in our own stamping shop. For more complex parts we have partners who are willing to produce progressive dies. Every die is manufactured according to the drawings of the customer, or our designers and production engineers design it according to the desires of the customer. The process includes constant quality monitoring. We take into account the wishes of our customers when buying standard parts or offer them for production from reliable suppliers such as Uddeholm (Sweden) ja Böhler (Austria).

Stamped products available

Starting with parts for electrical accessories big part from our customers chose to make stamped parts in Amateks facilities. There is always question about what materials are possible to stamp in our company.    The answer can we or can’t we make certain part comes from simple formula available in different web sources. To calculate the approximate tonnage for cutting the part out following data is necessary – perimeter of flat part to be cutted from sheet; thickness of sheet and finally material grade and treatment if any.


In conclusion this is the most important thing to know and it does not matter which material to be processed steel or stainless steel; aluminum or copper or brass. Amateks will suggest the right method ti it’s customers.

Metal stamping