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Welding services

The logical step after cutting and bending sheet metal pats is need to connect them somehow. One of the most popular way to connect parts is to weld them together. Firstly welding jobs involve the joining of metal materials using heat. Secondly welders use special tools to cut, melt and connect parts of equipment, machines and structures. As a result of it bond is extremely strong and permanent. Thirdly welders often also need to have the building and math skills to read blueprints and calculate dimensions. Finally designers apply welding to almost all industries where metals are. Therefore many industries depend on skilled welders. In conclusion we repair metal parts, build metal structures and fuse materials ranging from sheet metal to steel beams. Shipbuilding; Oil and gas; Aerospace; Mining; Energy; and Construction; as well as Automobile and other manufacturing industries are in welding scope.

As important technology to the sheet metal treatment we have developed two welding work stations. Those stations are modern and we have all necessary means to provide decent quality to our customers. Welding is a trade job that requires very specific skills. Thus we have trained our welders to high skilled professional level. As a result of it they are willing to weld any of metals our customers ask. Our department works in 2 shifts and it gives better service to our customers.


Welding capabilities

MMA (Manual Metal Arc)

MMA – manual metal arc welding with an electrode in flux to lay the weld. Firstly ee use this method for welding of carbon steel and stainless steel. Secondly for Carbon steel welding we have alternating current (AC) and/or direct current (DC). Thirdly for stainless steel we use only direct current.

Master MLS machines offer the best choice in MMA welding refinement. It combines 250 or 350 amp power with the basic MEL or advanced MEX control panels for outstanding welding performance. High 40 % duty cycle ensures you have the work capacity to get the job ready. In conclusion the compact and lightweight design makes work around site easy.

Control panel options MEL and MEX include all of the necessary parameter functions for high quality MMA welding. MEL panel includes process selection for MMA or basic TIG welding, large display, hot start and arc force control. MEX panel offers a more diverse selection of parameter controls including. Firstly Electronic electrode type selector, arc gouging, or broken arc welding technique and memory channel function. Secondly high quality TouchArc function provides a credible DC TIG welding facility.


TIG in welding

TIG – manual arc welding with a non-consumable tungsten electrode under protective atmosphere of inert shielding gas (argon). Firstly process TIG on direct current (TIG-DC) we use for steel, and alternating current (TIG-AC)  for aluminum.

MasterTig MLS DC range has become an industry standard for many users. Secondly it provides precise welding performance and lightweight, portable design. Finally popular choice for welding professionals, includes a 400 A power source with 30% duty cycle at maximum output current.

In addition choose from four control panel options, allows you to select exactly the parameter control that’s right for your welding application.

For example MTL/MTX/MTM/MTZ control panel options contain basic functions for quality DC TIG and MMA welding. Features can include. HF or contact ignition, pre-gas and post-gas control, torch switch latching 2T/4T. As well as remote control and setup options, welding current upslope and downslope timer. In addition MMA ignition pulse, MMA arc dynamics, pulse and synergic pulse TIG, spot timer, 4T log and memory channel function.


MIG/MAG in welding

MIG/MAG -semi-automatic welding by electrode wire under protective gas – inert (argon) or active (carbon gas). It is for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

For example FastMig M series is a combination of modularity, ease to use. Firstly this machine packs huge duty cycle performance into compact lean dimensions and weight. Secondly it has increasing productivity and work site mobility. In industrial MIG/MAG welding, FastMig M is popular high-technology alternative. Its control technology ensures excellent arc ignition and welding performance. Thirdly we spend more time welding and less time removing spatter. Finally there are two product package options from which you can select the optimal for your welding application. The synergic package for demanding advanced users, and the regular one for basic users. In addition whenever your application changes, you can update your FastMig M setup to go along with your production needs.

The innovative high-tech DIGITECH VP2’s  is the flagship of the family with a user-friendly colour display digital control. We benefit the advantages of new vision.ARC2 software. A large variety of MIG and MIG PULSED top quality SPECIAL PROCESSES we can achieve by this superior multi process equipment. With unlimited premium quality welding performance in all industrial applications.

As special service we could offer spot welding for limited range of products. We have both stationary and mobile spot welding units.

In conclusion we are able to weld different kind of materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals


Welding high pressure columns for gas industry

Firstly our stainless steel welded pressure columns can stand at 16 bar and our customer is satisfied with the result we make. Secondly we are proud of welding quality of water proof automation cabinets for Scandinavian railway network. Finally welding parts for lifting products we are producing with our technologies for about 20 years.